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Where do I apply for general consideration to contract with Omni? 

Click this link - Apply Now, and fill out an application today!

What happens when I apply?

  • Provide your contact information, resume, and screenshots, verifying your home office will meet our requirements, including:
    • Internet Speed: go to on the computer you plan to use for work, run the speed test, take a screenshot of your results, save the screenshot, and upload the results to your application for general 
    • Computer properties: Search for computer properties (be sure the results include processor speed and RAM info), take a screenshot of the results, save the screenshot, and upload the results to your application 
  • Answer questions about your background, skills, and experience
  • Complete a 30-minute assessment, which will evaluate:
    • Typing Speed
    • Computer Proficiency
    • Customer Service Aptitude
    • Work Habits
  • Once you complete your assessment, our team will review your application
  • If the information you provide meets our requirements, we'll invite you to complete step 2 of our process - signing up for a gig!
  • Check your SPAM folder for email communications from Omni - unfortunately sometimes our emails get stuck in Spam filters. 

How long does the application process take? 

The application process can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes. To complete the application, you'll need to use the computer you plan to use as a contractor. See "What happens when I apply?" for more information on the full process. 

What is iCIMS?

iCIMS is our database for congrators to register with us, provide their contact information, attach their home office screenshots, as well as complete an assessment and voice audition. We use this database to communicate with you about client opportunities, send you emails, send out necessary paperwork, and sign you up for certification!

You will occasionally receive emails from iCIMS, as our Sourcing team reviews your qualifications, and follows up with a request for more information. 

What is a GBA?

GBA is short for "Gig Brand Ambassador" - an independent contractor, who is a part of the Omni community of GBAs. GBAs use the Omni Marketplace to find gigs - supporting the country's best brands by providing contact center services, helping them solve problems, support customers, provide answers, or make sales. 

Yes, all GBAs must be at least 18 years of age.

What states does Omni source GBAs? 

We are currently looking for independent contractors/GBAs in the following states: 

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia


This list is subject to change at any time, and the campaigns available in each state may vary. 

Please note: Providing false information about the state you plan to provide contact center services from, or where you are actually providing services from, will result in termination of your agreement with Omni Interactions. 

I am a former contractor with Omni's clients (GBA). How do I reactivate my contract with Omni? 

Email us at, and we will review your status with the Omni Platform. 

What if I spend part of the year in a different location, such as a summer/winter home? 

You may transfer your business to a new location, as long as it is located in a state where we support GBAs, and continues to meet Omni's home office requirements (see Here! for more info on Home Office Requirements). 

Will Omni charge me a fee to get access to the platform, complete certification, or work with them as a GBA? 

No. Omni will never charge you to get access to the platform, complete certification, or provide contact center services as a GBA. All GBAs (independent contractors) must pass a background check. This background check is administered by our third-party vendor, Hire Right, which requires a non-refundable $25 fee (soon to be $40 effective October 1st, 2022) to be paid by the potential contractor, and is non-refundable.  You must use the same email address you registered with, or we will be unable to match your background check with your contract.