Below you'll find an overview of all requirements to setup as a GBA on the Omni Platform!

What do you need to work as a GBA on the Omni Platform? 

You only need five things!

  1. A quiet place to work!
  2. A computer that meets the requirements listed below. 
  3. A hard-wired, high-speed internet connection
  4. A corded USB headset
  5. The desire to be your own boss, choose your hours, and provide amazing contact center services!

What are the hardware, software, and internet requirements? 

Internet Speed Requirements:

  • 10 Mbps Download
  • 5 Mbps Upload speed
  • Ethernet connection (hard wired via ethernet connection to a router) – no WiFi connections
  • Internet router

Workspace Requirements:

  • Noise-free, secure home office space
  • Closed-door recommended
  • Free from distractions

Computer (Hardware) Requirements: 

  • PC running Windows 11 (Windows 10 is accepted by some clients), with minimum of 1.60 GHz Processor / 4 GB RAM / 40 GB Free Space
  • No Chromebooks, tablets or mobile devices
  • Working, noise-canceling USB headset 
  • Apple Computers are allowed, but not on all projects


  • Google Chrome browser recommended

NOTE: Some campaigns and opportunities may have additional requirements, such as a second monitor, a smart phone for dual-factor authentication, or a separate browser. Requirements are subject to change.